About Us

We are the online wing of Hashmi Dawakhana, also known as online pharmacy of Hashmi Dawakhana. We provide consultation and prescriptions through modern mediums of communication like internet, mobile and social media.

Hashmi Dawakhana was established in 1929 by Haqeem Mehtabuddin Hashmi. He was an expert of Unani and Herbal medications. He first formulated most of our present products which were later refined and tested for better effect and results. Haqeem ji was a social enthusiast and always worked keeping mankind in mind. He wanted his legacy to be remembered as a person who prefers cure rather than business. He always wanted to expand the area of natural treatment so that people come to know about the real benefits of natural herbs and keep a distance from chemical mixtures.

In the same line, the wife and sons of Late Haqeem Mehtabuddin hashmi, are working to bring the real difference in the world of treatment. Though it was not an easy task, they increased the area of operation step by step while creating goodwill and trust among its users. Then came the age of Internet and Smartphones and the pharmacy started an initiative to reach to patients worldwide. Due to its powerful, full proof, well-researched medicines, the pharmacy has gained its place among the top herbal pharmacies in India.

Our Infrastructure :

If there is anything that prevents herbal medicines from coming in the mainstream treatment method, that is its untested and unchecked formulations. But we have eradicated that adversity and thus, we proudly present our medicines in comparison to other methods. All thanks to our state of the art infrastructure, Drug testing laboratory and fully developed research wing, where efficient specialists do all the R&D work to ensure the A-grade quality and result producing capacity of our medicines.

Our Vision –

To take the Natural treatment method to new heights while making it available for every patient, breaking the barriers of finance, borders, and languages. We want to make Hashmi Dawakhana that brand which is known for trust, honesty and treatment.

Our Mission –

Our mission contains of many objectives like working consistently to improve the impact and aspects of our medicines, to be able to reach maximum number of users and spread the awareness about the benefits of using natural medicines. We also aim to cure every single patient so that hope and trust, always hold their true meaning.

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