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Mughal E Azam Penis Enlargement Cream – The Treatment that Never Fails

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Benefits of Mughal E Azam Penis enlargement cream:

  • Increases penis size up to 2 inches and girth up to 1 inch
  • Increases erection power and stability
  • Increases penis stamina and vigor
  • Increases intercourse timing noticeably
  • Better arousal and quick erection
  • Creates ability of better penis control
  • No side effects risk
  • Heal the penis health and performance stability
  • Powerful and quick results
  • Long lasting benefits
  • 100% natural formula
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Product Description

Penis Enlargement Cream- Increase Penis Size Without Surgery

Mughal E Azam is unique and completely natural penis enlargement cream which brings the increment in size by just applying on the penis. It is an intuitive method for those men who hesitate in swallowing capsules or forget to maintain consistency in taking daily dosages. The cream is helpful in penis enlargement in all types of cases. Not only the length and girth, the medicine also brings the changes in penis performance and strength. It is one of most powerful natural supplement available in the market to increase penis size. We have used the best of herbs and best of knowledge to present the best of creams.

Mughal E Azam Penis enlargement cream is so powerful in its formulation that even the person who are suffering from sexual disorders like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, also get benefitted from the cream. It fills the penis veins with natural vigor and enables the penis tissues to expand to its full potential. The blood fills in the penis with its optimum potency and the penis erects straight like never before, increased in size and girth. Those who are suffering in their sexual lives due to short penis size and weak sex capacity can opt for this penis enlargement cream without any doubt and live their life to extreme levels.

Penis Enlargement – An Exception

Though we have come in the times of moon landing and digital intelligence, we still believe that some things are the curse of God while they are just the genetic and hormonal disorders and the case of medical treatments. Short penis is one of such issues which is still taken as the poor faith of a man and no one can help him in this. But the world changes and new aspects come in. While for many of specialists and sexual experts believe that penis enlargement is just a term coined by medicine manufacturers, millions have used these penis enlargement products and have gained benefits in one or other forms. Some gain in size, while some gain in stamina and penis build appearance and some gain in timing. The only thing to take care of is the type of medicine you are opting. Always do a sincere and reasonable analysis of whatever you are planning to take. There are so many high advertisers out there who can make you believe that they are the best as they know what shows out, sells.

Strategically, one can understand and separate the ideal from others. The comparison should be made on the basis of their expertise in teh relevant field, their name and repo in the market, the type of medicine (natural, ayurvedic, allopathic or homeopathic), the method of medicine, the service and their service. Penis enlargement is not just a term to capture the market, it has the meaning what it signifies. If you are reading this, then it is for sure that you have found the right medicine for penis enlargement.


Reasons of Short Penis:

The reasons of having a short penis are mostly genetic and hormonal disorders. Yet there are few more points that can also contribute to small penis or shrink penis.

  • Genetic Issues
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Low testosterone secretion
  • Thyroid disorder
  • Malnutrition / Low nutrition/ Poor diet regime
  • Tight underwear
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Excessive masturbation
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity

The last six points contribute to shrinking of penis. We receive many calls every day where men complain that their penis have shrunk a bit and not getting full erection and full vigor.

Mughal E Azam Penis enlargement cream – The cream unlike any other

Mughal E Azam medicine gives you advantage methodically and gradually. It has the power of pure natural herbs. There  is no other element that we use in formulation of this treatment. The cream is deeply researched and tested in our state of the art lab to ensure its true impact on the penis. We have put our expertise, years of experience and best tenchnology in the formulation of this cream. Hashmi Pharmacy does not survive on rigorous marketing practices rather we believe in core values of treatment. The medicine does it work and we get our credit. Rather than making a seller and buyer relationship, we are Doctor and Patient relationship entity. We started as a small treatment pharmacy where late Haqeem Ji used to give natural prescriptions to patients of sexual or general health issues. Slowly, we expanded our unit and our reach to patients.

With time, we amended and polished our formulas with the help of latest research equipment and other necessary elements. Mughal E Azam penis enlargement cream is result of such endeavours. We got success in producing the formula which is both safe and powerful. The cream is directly applied on the penis and thus works instantly. The herbs directly reach where they are meant to go. It brings the impact on the penis sooner than expected.

Intially, the user experiences the benefits in the form of greater stamina, longer intercourse timing and harder, rigid and stable erections. Later with time, the benefits expand when the user starts feeling some positive changes in the shape of his penis during erection. The penis become more rigid, muscular and increased. The user has to consistently use the medicine as it is a natural supplement which brings expected results when the treatment is taken with discipline and routine. Believe in the treatment, it surely will bring the results.

Ingredients of Mughal E Azam Capsule;

Eartworm, Euzenia Coprvophvilata, Myristica Officinalis, Amber arts, Pista Chiavera Linn, Mutella Occdentalis, Nerlum Ofander, Crocus Sativam, Cyclamen Persicum, Strichinuxbomica, Oliumcrontonica, Vaseline(OS), Beewax (CERAQS)

PrecautionsMaintain a distance in applying the cream and having intercourse. Maintain a strategic distance of around two hours after you apply the cream. If you are going for intercourse then first clean the penis with light soap.

How to use the medicine – Take the cream on fingertip equal to pea`s seed. Hands should be clean and then apply it on the penis with light hands. Don’t push or pressurize the penis. Massage the whole penis leaving the tip area. Massage with light hands for 5 minutes till the cream absorbs.

Course Duration – The course duration of the cream might extend to 3-4 months till the user gets the complete benefits.

Frequently Asked question:

How frequently can I indulge in sex during the course?

It would be better if you maintain a strategic difference between sex and medicine till you complete the course. The medicine puts the impact on the penis like increasing the blood flow to the penis and also strengthening the penis muscles. If you indulge in the intercourse or oral sex in between, then it will only work to weaken that sexual capacity. As the ejaculation happens, the penis experiences a quick rush of energy release which is not good till you are in the recovery process. However to maintain the levels of hormones and semen, you can indulge in weekly sex activity.

Can I do masturbation?

The masturbation is more damaging to nerves of penis than sex. So, avoid the masturbation as much as possible.

Can I opt for sexual enhancement oils or lubrications?

Most types of sexual enhancers work to temporary enhance the sexual capacity which means they push the penis limits unnaturally. Besides, Mughal E Azam is a natural supplement and it has its own impact so kindly use this medicine alone.

How soon will I get the results of the medicine?

The cream is a powerful supplement that starts working from the very first week. You will get the benefit asap but it solely depends upon your body adaptability and penis condition.

Should I fear for any irritation or burning sensation or color complexion?

No. The cream gets absorbed in the penis and does not bring any bad impact. It is our first priority to keep it safe and soothing on the penis and then brings the results.


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