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Welcome to Hashmi Dawakhana

The Premier Online Pharmacy In India

Hashmi Dawakhana is the online pharmacy that deals in natural treatment methods to treat the most complex of sexual and general health issues like Impotence, Premature Ejaculation, Penis Enlargement, Erectile dysfunction, Leucorrhea, Breast enlargement/ reduction, Diabetes, High blood pressure, Acidity, Weight Gain/ Loss, Migraine, Jaundice, and many more.

What is Hashmi Dawakhana

hashmi dawakhanaHashmi is the surname of the late Haqeem ji who started this pharmacy in 1929. That time, the pharmacy was just a small shop, which used to provide treatment for various male-female sexual issues using herbs, bhasms, and other natural ingredients. But with time, the reach and recognition of pharmacy started increasing, as the powerful and secret solutions of Haqeem ji had magical impact on worst of cases. The legacy started spreading and people from far places started to visit the pharmacy. For a long time, we served the mankind in our capacity as a local treatment provider. Then, came the age of mobiles and internet, and we were asked by our clients to make an online platform to reach to patients worldwide. And in this way, the online pharmacy in India started by the name of Hashmi Dawakhana.

Since the evolution of human being and the rise of modern civilization, medicine has been an important part of our lives. With the new development and researches in science and technology, we have been able to take medical stream to new highs. New chemical formulations and new methods of surgery have redefined the methods of treatment. But what has not changed is the continuous existence of ages old Natural treatment method. When there were no equipment, no chemicals and no computers for calculations and readings, Natural methodology was used to heal the patients and save lives. The herbs plucked and acquired from trees, plants and roots were used to make the most healing and effective solutions which had the capacity to treat the most deadly and troublesome diseases. Though the arrival of Allopathy put some shade on its benefits since allopathy offers instant cures but people slowly learnt about other aspects too which were not in favor of body.

Why Hashmi Dawakhana?

It is a very obvious question that could come in anyone`s mind as to why one should rely on a Natural pharmacy leaving other more publicized names who also give assurance of money back and fixed time results promise. The first reason is the truth that does not need certification and excuses to shine out. Second, if we talk about facts, then there is no match of any other herbal combination with the products of Hashmi dawakhana. We believe in investing the amount of extravagant advertisement in our research, testing and purity of our medicines. Everyone in present times knows how industries work. If you make a reserve for one thing, you have to cut the costs at some other element. And we never compromise on quality so we don’t make reserves.

Each and every medicine of Hashmi Dawakhana is formulated with the precious and very valuable herbs and bhasms which are not even easy to find in market. It takes costs and it takes efforts to provide such treatments which are balanced and equally effective on different health states.

We, at Hashmi Dawakhana, ensure that our treatments complete their objective in real sense by not just removing the symptoms but also by eradicating the cause. Every medicine is a specific course for a particular issue and is prescribed as per the situation of the patient. All the medicines are made with tested and researched herbs and are combined in a certain tested amount to bring the optimum impact on the issue. All our treatments are safe and bring no side effect to the users.

So far the sexual medicines are concerned, most of them are of addictive nature that bring benefit till they are used and thus, makes it impossible for user to eliminate dependability from those sex medicines. It poses a serious problem and also loses trust of the users. Though we have a different approach, our natural treatments are made to improve the efficiency and fill the user with genuine and natural energy which means he/ she will not have to take any medicine after the complete course.

Hashmi Dawakhana works for betterment of human life and to bring a difference in their efficiency, power, capability and performance in daily life. And we give it the real existence in the form of our premium and powerful Natural Treatments.

Male Health

Hashmi Dawakhana is the online pharmacy known for their innovative health products and treating an array of male sexual health issues since 1929.

Female Health

Female health is also important as male and that’s why we are providing a variety of products to cure all female sexual health issues at the same place.

General Health

As per the general health concern, we are providing fruitful products for problem like obesity, diabetes, migraine headache, etc to improve the overall health of human beings.


You have a number of reasons to choose us!

Free Shipping

To minimize the cost of the medicine at least possible we are providing Free Shipping in all over India. You can place your order on cash on deliver or advance payment mode, we would not charge for shipping.


Herbal Medicine

We assure that all the medicines available here are 100% herbal and safe. All the medicines are made of herbs and natural ingredients. No Chemical used!


No Side Effects

As all the medicines are made of herbal and natural ingredients only we have recorded zero side effects till now.


Dr. Hashmi

He is the creator of all the medicines. He is an award winner in health sector and running several social welfare communities too!


Quick Delivery

We are shipping all the orders by quick delivery couriers like Bluedart, Aramex, etc so that our patients don’t have to wait for weeks to get the medicine.

We offer Medicines

We offer Medicines for more than 70 diseases some of them are-

Medicines Departments

Male Health

Penis Enlargement, Premature Ejaculation, Erectile dysfunction, Nightfall, Impotence, Sexual stamina and power, Low libido, Poor ejaculation and orgasm, Sex timing and sex passion, Infertility in male, Sperm and semen issues.


Female Health

Leucorrohea or White discharge, Vagina infection and related issues, Vagina looseness and vagina lubrication issue, Low sexual drive in woman, Disinterest in sex and failure to achieve peak sexual pleasure, Breast Enlargement, Breast Reduction, Fertility issue in woman.


General Health

Weight Gain, Weight Loss, Diabetes, Joint Pain, High Blood Pressure, Heart Diseases, Cholesterol Problem, Alcohol Addiction, Height Gain, Jaundice, Migraine, Weak Memory, Kidney Stone.


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What Our Patients Are Saying

A treatment and all its specifications are useless until backed by the feedback of users and thus, we have provided some real statements of some of our users as it is. One thing to note here is that these reviews are not paid or fake as we have details of all these users.
  • Mr. Mahesh Gupta Mr. Mahesh Gupta Patient of Erectile dysfunctionDelhi
    Dear Dr. Hashmi ji, it has been one year when I used your course of HardRock capsule. You asked me to give my honest feedback about how I feel now and what is my situation. All I can say is that you are producing gold. The medicine you gave me was a bit over budget as per my financial conditions but it has paid its value. That time and till this time, I have not felt any kind of problem in my erection and in my time. You told me that it is due to poor lifestyle habits and so I also changed them. Your medicine has given a new life to me. I will always thank you for this and I also try to help people in need. (part of his letter)
  • Sultan Sultan Patient of Premature Ejaculation Aligarh
    Sir, apki medicine mai pichle teen mahine se le raha hu. Apne mjhse kaha tha ki God pr or apke treatment pr bharosa karu. Mane kiya. Sir g, mjhe apko is bare me Email likhte hue bhut khushi ho rahi h ki meri short timing or nightfall ki bimari puri tarah thik ho gayi hai. Ab jb mane apni wife k sath kiya tb wo thak gayi pr m nahi. Lagbhag aadhe ghante tak ki timing bani. Mane phone me dekha tha. Ye meri liye sabse jyada santushti ki bat h qki ajtk m kabhi itna enjoy nahi kr paya tha. Thank you Sir is dawai ko banane k liye.
  • Aakash Aakash Patient of Short penisBengaluru
    Greetings Dr. Hashmi, Sir, this mail is to confirm the benefit of your medicine Sikander E Azam as you asked me to write an honest review about it. I started taking your medicine in March, 2016 after coming through an article for penis enlargement. I wasn’t much confident about penis enlargement medicines after reading so much negative opinions on internet but then, still I called you as I was really desperate and wanted to anything to gain some manliness in my small penis. So, I called and that one call changed my life forever. You talked to me like you understand my sufferings and your medicine worked like it was especially made for me. I used the course for five months to gain my full potential and I gained 1.5 inches in length. Now, I recommend to use Sikander E Azam on every comment section on articles whenever I come through any. It is a life changing experience for me. Thank you Hashmi ji, thanks a lot.
  • Veenakshi Veenakshi User of Big B XLAjmer
    Big BXL capsule is the secret of my beauty. The medicine is quite effective and I have achieved what I wished for. Thanks Doctor.
  • Ameena Siddiqui Ameena Siddiqui User of VagitotMayur Vihar, Noida
    The medicine is very good to me. It gave me tightness and also increased the sex feeling. There is no alternative to this treatment. Very grateful to Dr. Hashmi who thought to make such a good treatment to address the issues of ladies.
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